“Returning to work is possible after brain injury, but without doubt it will bea real struggle”  Steve Borland’s story of how he returned to working for a steel company following a brain haemorrhage in 2016 shows what can be achieved if people are provided with the correct support

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Second Chance Headway Centre

Registered Charity Number: 1121645

Improving life after Brain Injury

“If a life is worth saving, then it must be worth living”


During the many years we have seen the service grow and improve. This has been the case throughout but especially over the past two years due, in no small part to the support we received from the National Lottery. This funding allowed us to extend our service to respond to a need that had long been highlighted and that through both my time as a trustee and as a professional working within the field of brain injury I knew was vital.

The changes to our service were taken with considerable care. We needed to ensure that we did not replicate any of the work that is or could be provided by our statutory partners. What we wanted to do was to maximise their input and then work more closely with them to support the individual in need (and their family / carers), to foster better links and to identify more people in need. Having a strong clinical element within our own work helped to facilitate this, and as a result we have seen referrals grow, those we are helping gain significantly better outcomes and families discussing their hopes for the future rather than their fears.

We are fortunate to live in a country that has first class acute care. Our NHS does tremendous work in saving people’s lives. It is now for us as a community to ensure that we support those people and their families as they adjust to their new lives.

Mission Statement

The Second Chance Headway Centre provides a therapy led day service for adults who are living with acquired or traumatic brain injury.

The charity’s objectives are to relieve and rehabilitate individuals living in or near Yorkshire and the Humber who have sustained an acquired brain injury likely to cause significant disability, particularly but not exclusively by;

Providing, assisting and promoting facilities for the provision of their support, enablement, education, training and welfare, advising and supporting carers, families and friends of such individuals.

Our Vision

Our vision is a statement of what we aspire to, why we exist and the impact we would like to have on society. Second Chance recognises its unique role within our community and encourages the community to contribute to the centre.

Our aim is to provide a high quality therapy led day centre within a community setting. To promote further public understanding of all aspects of brain injury.  To provide information on our service and other services and support.  To support families and carers of adults with brain injuries.  To maintain close liaison with Social Services and the Health Authorities and to supplement and support existing services and facilities.

We believe that the centre is more than a building; it is a concept of care and support to adults with brain injury, their families and carers

We believe that the centre provides a warm friendly and caring environment

We value the contribution of volunteers as vital to our success

We believe that all our staff and volunteers should be supported and have access to appropriate training and development